3 Reasons why you Need A Real Estate Broker

The Property market in Ghana has become one to admire considering the major and splendid types of Developments in Prime areas and locations. Despite this, many property buyers end up making the wrong decisions when it comes to buying real estate and get themselves entangled in legal issues.

Below are three reasons why Every Real Estate Investor, Buyer or Homeowner will have to use a Real Estate Broker

BROKERS FOLLOW INDUSTRY SET STANDARDS AND PROCEDURES – The real estate industry has set laid down rules and procedures that professional brokers follow. Therefore, when a homebuyer buys a home or rents a property with a broker, they are sure of following standards that remove all risk factors from their transactions. For instance, when renting an apartment the homeowner can take only one months’ rent of a security deposit from the renter. When you use a professional broker, this is ensured

A GOOD BROKER WILL GIVE YOU THE PROPERTY YOU NEED AND NOT WHAT YOU WANT  – Most homebuyers are easily moved by the way the property looks and not at how it meets their current needs. When you use a broker, he is able to look at your needs and give you a property that will meet them. Some of the areas he considers are your budget, location of workplace, children’s school if you have any, and your housing targets in 3-5 years. For instance, a client interested in a three-bedroom house with a servant quarters priced at say $2000 per month could be advised by a broker to take a three-bedroom without a servant quarters priced at $1500/month and employ a help that lives close by. This could highly reduce the rental cost over a yearly period

SEASONED BROKERS KNOW THE HISTORY OF HOUSES/APARTMENTS AND ADVICE THE CLIENT ON THAT  – It’s in the best interest of clients to deal with seasoned brokers since they know the history of most of the apartments in the areas that they serve. Brokers usually know the landlord in person, his/her soft spots and unseen issues with properties. Say if an area a client may be interested in floods during the rainy period, the seasoned broker will be able to advise an unsuspecting client.

Do you know of any reasons why all homebuyers and property investors need brokers??? Let us know in the comments section

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