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Shocking Info On How Corona Virus Is Affecting Real Estate

Shocking Info On How Corona Virus Is Affecting Real Estate

The COVID-19, as widely and surprisingly know, has been able to weave its infectious self into the fabric of Society. The Virus has caused a highly unexpected pandemic, killing about 30,000 people worldwide as of 30 Mar,19. The Real Estate Industry has also had its fair share or the pandemic’s implications. Below are some of the Effects the Virus is having on Real Estate.

CLIENTS ARE NOT WILLING TO VIEW PROPERTY – As we all know, the Virus is transmitted through the air and has the tendency of affecting driver or passenger should any of them have. This has deterred many clients from coming to view properties as they are exposed to the dangers of the Virus.

COMPANIES HAVE PUT FACILITY PROCESSING FOR STAFF ON HOLD – Most Real Estate Brokers and developers that have initiated purchasing and rental deals with clients will have to put the process on a temporary hold. This because the companies themselves have to be on a break due to the Lockdown effective in Ghana and other parts of the world.

MORE CLIENTS HAVE AUTOMATICALLY RENEWED THEIR RENTAL DEALS – If you are already living in a rented apartment, townhouse or self compound house in this unfortunate season, you most definitely know this is not a good time to relocate. Even if your rental tenure has expired, moving into a new place will involve speaking to brokers and having viewings that put you at risk of contracting the Virus. This is somehow a positive for homeowners and management agencies.

In spite of these effects, one thing you can do is to keep in touch with potential clients via social media, SMS and Whatsapp messaging.

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3 Reasons why you Need A Real Estate Broker

3 Reasons why you Need A Real Estate Broker

The Property market in Ghana has become one to admire considering the major and splendid types of Developments in Prime areas and locations. Despite this, many property buyers end up making the wrong decisions when it comes to buying real estate and get themselves entangled in legal issues.

Below are three reasons why Every Real Estate Investor, Buyer or Homeowner will have to use a Real Estate Broker

BROKERS FOLLOW INDUSTRY SET STANDARDS AND PROCEDURES – The real estate industry has set laid down rules and procedures that professional brokers follow. Therefore, when a homebuyer buys a home or rents a property with a broker, they are sure of following standards that remove all risk factors from their transactions. For instance, when renting an apartment the homeowner can take only one months’ rent of a security deposit from the renter. When you use a professional broker, this is ensured

A GOOD BROKER WILL GIVE YOU THE PROPERTY YOU NEED AND NOT WHAT YOU WANT  – Most homebuyers are easily moved by the way the property looks and not at how it meets their current needs. When you use a broker, he is able to look at your needs and give you a property that will meet them. Some of the areas he considers are your budget, location of workplace, children’s school if you have any, and your housing targets in 3-5 years. For instance, a client interested in a three-bedroom house with a servant quarters priced at say $2000 per month could be advised by a broker to take a three-bedroom without a servant quarters priced at $1500/month and employ a help that lives close by. This could highly reduce the rental cost over a yearly period

SEASONED BROKERS KNOW THE HISTORY OF HOUSES/APARTMENTS AND ADVICE THE CLIENT ON THAT  – It’s in the best interest of clients to deal with seasoned brokers since they know the history of most of the apartments in the areas that they serve. Brokers usually know the landlord in person, his/her soft spots and unseen issues with properties. Say if an area a client may be interested in floods during the rainy period, the seasoned broker will be able to advise an unsuspecting client.

Do you know of any reasons why all homebuyers and property investors need brokers??? Let us know in the comments section

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3 Reasons why Every Real Estate Investor Needs Dwellys

3 Reasons why Every Real Estate Investor Needs Dwellys

Real estate investment is amongst the top three stable forms of investment if not the First. It gives the highest returns, greatest values and the least risks. In spite of all these positives, it’s highly essential to get into contact with the right kind of Real Estate brokers to help you make the right decisions. Check the three major reasons why you need to work with dwellys.

WE HAVE A LOT OF OPTIONS YOU CAN CHOOSE FROM – With Dwellys, all investors have ample options since we have partnerships with many real estate developers and individual homeowners. We bring to the table, many options you could choose from. For instance, if you want a condo, we give you all the options we have from different individuals and real estate developers. You get to find out which condos has the best features and the parts of ghana where they are located.

WE NEGOTIATE ON YOUR BEHALF – At Dwellys, we understand that you have a budget and want the best  property for your money. That’s exactly why we are here. We negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get the best price. Since we have built good relationships with homebuilders over the years, we have the flexibility of negotiating the price to meet your budget

WE DEAL WITH GENUINE HOMEBUILDERS AND HELP YOU THROUGH THE PROCESS – One of the most frustrating things you wouldn’t want to deal with as an investor is scammers and homeowners that don’t keep to their word. At Dwellys, we connect you to genuine homeowners and help you through the process till final agreements are signed.

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Spotting A Serious Buyer : What To Watch Out For

Spotting A Serious Buyer : What To Watch Out For

Selling a home can be an exciting but complicated process, whether you’re the seller or the agent. When you get an offer, it’s easy to get carried away and think, “This is it!” Unfortunately, not everyone who puts an offer on the table is truly serious about buying. The following tips might come in handy

ARE THEY DECIDING ALONE – It’s highly possible the a buyer that is making the decisions alone may not be that serious. Most home buyers that are ready will have others helping the to take the buying decision.

ARE THEY ASKING A LOT OF QUESTIONS – Pay attention to your client when they are asking a lot of questions, there is a high possibility they will buy. What they are doing is to make sure they can get all that they need in the property. Have all your answers ready so that you can close the deal.

ARE THEY EAGER – Be interested in your clients facial expressions and demeanor. Check out how they react to your questions and their body language when you are answering them.

What else do you think sellers can look our for in buyers? Let us know

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Must haves for your first night in your new home

Must haves for your first night in your new home

So you finally decided to move to your new home and this evening will be your first night? Consider checking this list

Clothes – Not many, just a few

Cellphone – you need to stay connected. people tend to forget their charger, don’t forget yours

Router/Modem for Wifi –  Get all info you might need online. Maps and more

Plate, spoon and a cup – So you can at least eat.

Food – Have some biscuits and drinks.

What else is essential to you? Add up in the comments section below.

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Try This if you want to sell your home quickly : Works 100%

Try This if you want to sell your home quickly : Works 100%

Staging your home simply means getting it ready for the sales market and to attract potential buyers. Check out some few ways to do this.

GET RID OF CLUTTER This could refer to old car parts packed in some corner of the house or broken computers you are refusing to throw away. Whatever it may be, clutter has a way of denting the appearance or your property. Get rid of it to or put it in a better state.

STAGE IMPORTANT ROOMS FIRST As soon as a visitor enters into your house, there are certain places they go. Three of such places will be the main hall, the bedroom and maybe the washroom. Make sure these places and prepared.

REMOVE OLD FURNITURE – Furniture has its way of making the room look exotic or outmoded. If you have old furniture, dispose then and replace with new simple ones. A less expensive but newer furniture will give your room a better look.

 PAINTING –  This is the Midas touch . Painting is going to revive your house back to the way it used to look. Try to paint the roof as well if possible. make sure you get professionals to do a good job.

Do you have any additions on how you can stage your home? Add them up in the comments section

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Every Real Estate Broker Must Understand These 5 Jargons

Every Real Estate Broker Must Understand These 5 Jargons

ESCROW ACCOUNT– It’s an account that is set by a third party to hold funds in trust. The homebuyer pays money into the account and it’s released to the seller when all terms and conditions are met.

OFFER : This is the initial price offered by a prospective buyer to the seller. The seller may accept the offer, reject it or counter it with another one.

PRE APPROVAL LETTER –  Before buying a home, the buyer can obtain a pre-approval letter from the bank, which provides an estimate of how much the bank can led that person. This letter will help determine what the buyer can afford.

CLOSING – This refers to the meeting that takes place where the sale of the property is finalized. At the closing, the buyer and the seller sign the final documents and buyer makes the down payment and pays the closing costs.

ADJUSTMENT DATE  – This is the date your mortgage begins to accrue interest. It usually falls on the first day of the month after your you mortgage funds have been allocated.

Do you have any jargon you want to share with us? Hit us up in the comments section

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HOLD ON : We Have Types Of Real Estates?

HOLD ON : We Have Types Of Real Estates?

If you have always thought there was one type of Real Estate, get ready for a surprise.

Four Types Of Real Estate You Did Not Know Existed

RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE :  This includes homes newly constructed homes and those for sale. it;s more like a place where single families live. it includes duplexes, quaduplexes, condominiums and many more. We will talk about the types or residential real estate is another post.

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE : This is more a real estate that is owned because of income. It includes shopping malls, hospitals, educational facilities, gyms and other commercial facilities.

INDUSTRIAL REAL ESTATE : Hugely made of buildings used for manufacturing , processing and distribution of goods and services.

LAND : Yes, land is also real estate. It includes bare land, farms, undeveloped lands and many more.

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2 Simple But Great Ways to Close a Sale

2 Simple But Great Ways to Close a Sale

Closing Closing Closing. If you are into real estate then you need to close clients and make some money. Let me show you two simple but great ways to do.

HAVE VARIETIES – Most clients you come across will hardly settle if you show them one property. You have to show them a variety of a particular type of property. If the client wants a townhouse located in the outskirts of town, try to have about 4 varied types. The more options you have the better your chances of closing.

KNOW YOUR PRODUCT – Be sure to have ample information on a property before talking to the client. They are bound to ask you some questions and your ability to answer them will increase your chances of closing the sale.

Do you know any other ways? Drop them in the comments section.

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